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  • What are ACEO's?

    ACEO is an acronym for Artist Cards - Editions and Originals. They also have a close relation ... ATC (Artist Trading Cards). They are both referring to the same thing, except ACEO's are sold and ATC's are traded between artists.

    In either case, they are little art works the size of a playing card (2 1/2" X 3 1/2"). The size is the only rule. You can paint, draw, glue, cut, sculpt or any other creative verb you can think of to create ACEO's, as long as you follow the size rule.

      Advantages of ACEO's...
    • easy to collect, trade and display.
    • can obtain a large collection of art work at a small cost.
    • the small size means you're art collection isn't limited by your available wall space.
    • they make great gifts! I have even heard of them turned into fridge magnets, bookmarks or artwork for a doll house!
    • unlike an ATC, you don't have to be an artist, or be involved in trading sessions to own an ACEO. Just buy it and it's yours!
  • Photo of Artist Michael Beckett

    Originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, Michael has been a resident of Calgary, Alberta for over 18 years.

    Since childhood, Michael has always had a passion for being creative, but being partially red/green color blind limited his options in artistic schooling at the time.

    After settling into a successful career in computers, Michael rediscovered his love for art while exploring computer graphics after the internet came into its own. Rather than focusing on technology to create art, he found a passion for traditional art. Having a creation to hold in his hand was much more satisfying. Drawing came first, and as he adjusted his creative vision for color blindness, painting followed.

    A self taught artist, his thirst for more knowledge led to many evening classes and workshops.

    In 2007, Michael was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Although this affected his physical activity and led to his career in technology slowing down, it meant even more focus on artistic endeavors.

    Now retired and working from a wheelchair, Michael continues to paint with acrylics and watercolors, and occasionally draw with conte crayon and charcoal, often using his surroundings in Calgary and the near by Rocky Mountains as inspiration for his artwork.

If you are interested in purchasing artwork, click on the photo to find out purchase details. Artwork marked as 'FOR SALE' will have a link for one of the following...
Price shown when you click on photo. Paypal 'Buy Now' button is shown to make payment.


Whatever link you follow, shipping costs will be well defined.

Your little bundle of joy will be wrapped in a clear plastic sleeve, fastened inside a thank you note with cardboard backing, all tucked inside a 4 3/4" X 6 1/2" envelope, and posted, using Canada Letter Post, within one day of receiving payment.

Inquiries regarding sale or licensing of any artwork, or interest in a commission can be made by contacting